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 MOTA  Artist of the Moment  
Artist: Diana Durham
Title: 'Chess Queen'

Win FREE publicity to help launch your illustrator or writing career!  Each month My Online Talent Agent will showcase one writer or illustrator for FREE!  The winner's image or short story will be displayed here on along with a link to your contact/professional website (if you don't have a contact website, My Online Talent Agent will help you build one!)

Writer / Artist Submit
Submit your image/story with the following information:
-Contact Information
-Website link (if applicable)

Literary agencies please submit inquiries along with credentials to: AGENCIES

The MOTA writer or artist of the moment helps promote fresh, up and coming writers and artist by providing a soap box to present a taster of the writer’s work or a tease of the artist’s craft to the general public as well as potential literary agencies seeking new writing talent or illustrators for books in progress.  MOTA draws the attention of some of the top literary agencies, such as the Scott Meredith literary agency.  Put together a clip or short excerpt of something you have written and send it over for review.  If you are an artist, just email over a few images or scans of your work.  You can send anything from fine art to children’s book illustrations.  To get anywhere in this industry, you have to get your name out there.  Becoming the next MOTA writer or artist of the moment could be your change to get your talent noticed! 

By submitting your information, story and/or image to this contest, you give My Online Talent Agent permission to post your image and/or story to this site for others to view and to generate traffic to your website.  Any work or jobs generated by this publicity will be coordinated by you or your agent.  Royalties and contracts will not be provided or negotiated by My Online Talent Agent.  The Scott Meredith literary agency does not sponsor or endorse MOTA and is used only as a literary agency example. 


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